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Our vacation house Antico Casale Tiravento

has a surface area of about 190m2 and is suitable, with his 4 living rooms, 4 bedroom and 4 baths, for 16 persons. As we wanted flexible solutions, we developed modular units.Each of the two floors has a surface area of 95m2 and can be divided into 2 apartments of about 45m2. The resulting four apartments are independent, as one has a bedroom with double bed 160x200cm an area living room complete with table, 4 chairs and a sofa-bed 140x200cm, kitchen and bathroom. 

So you can then choose from a minimum size of 45m2 and suitable for up to 4 people to a maximum of 16 people reserving the whole house.

A hectare of land (10.000m2) is fenced to ensure exclusive use of the greenery surrounding the house. Below the thumbnails of the plans. By clicking with the mouse the image will be enlarged.


Low ground

We propose the following two apartments that, as said, can be put together:

  • alpha
  • beta

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For detailed information on the solutions please click on  Alpha,  Beta or Low ground


"Alpha" has a bathroom suitable for people with disabilities and reserves the use of the beautiful front porch,

"Beta" has a bathroom with Jacuzzi and access to the large space on the back.



First floor

Even on the first floor you can put the apartments together:


  • delta
  • gamma

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For detailed informations on the solutions please click on  Gamma, Delta or First floor